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Elle's Bedtime Routine Favorites

We started a nighttime routine with Elle and she’s been loving it. Our routine usually consists of a warm bath, a quick massage, a bottle, some cuddles and bedtime. This routine has helped her differentiate day and night and has helped her reach 4 hour sleep stretches. Here’s what our routine includes:

We start with a warm bath in the sink since she’s still so little. This thermometer has helped me gauge the water temp perfectly (she loves 98F) and this tub fits perfectly in our sink.

Our post natal baby class taught us to always start with a clean damp cloth on her face, move down her body through her little rolls (don’t forget behind the ears and neck) and finish of with her bum. If its a hair washing day, we do that step before finishing with her bum. These are the products we’ve been loving:

After she’s done, we take her to her nursery for a quick little massage before getting into her jammies. She enjoys getting a little tummy rub and it’s seems to help her get all her gasses out.

Once she’s all dressed, we brush her hair and buff her nails done if necessary

We end the night with some cuddles before she gets her bottle and some calming music on her hatch. Our favorite swaddle is currently the Ollie because it keeps her nice and snug all night.

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