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Give Me Sun

Living in Miami, I was never into sunless tanning…until I got older and life happened.
Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout the years to keep on glowing.


Gradual tanners work daily (or the more its applied). If you’re scared of streaks and a noticeable fake tan, go with a gradual tanner. 

If you need a tan pronto, go with an instant self tanner.

For your face

The skin on your face is a lot more sensitive than the skin on your body. 

How to self-tan:

1. Use a mirror (duh) and apply with hands for gradual or use this mitt for instant.

2. Wash your hands when you’re done.

3. After applying, use body cream and rub around your ankles and wrists. You’ll only need a dime sized amount; and just blend the areas so they look more natural. I never put self tanner on my feet, but I rub the regular lotion in with the self tanner that’s already around my ankles, and it gives it me a gradual tan down to my toes.

4. Wash your hands again.

PRO TIP: Exfoliate the day before you tan and start applying self tanner 1-2 weeks before your event for your most natural glow yet.

Now glow on with yo bad self.

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