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All About My Hair

CUT: Wendy Mongiardo at Studio Raupo every 2-3 months.

COLOR: Isabella Figueroa at IGK Miami


Limit washing your hair to 3x a week.

Life hack: Post-workout sweat is the perfect base for a blow-dry, trust me. Your strands will thank you. Just make sure you wash your face and hairline thoroughly. Just add dry shampoo. 

Treatment masks are my best friend. I do it once a week to maximize hydration.

My favorite is the wet brush that has boar bristles. Boar bristles add shine to your hair and also help with frizz and controllability. It also polishes your hair when you use it to blow dry.

The perfect combo to keep your hair texture alive in between washes.

I admit to letting my hair air dry occasionally, although I usually resort to a quick blow dry after the shower. I’m less likely to style it and I always look put together. I also believe it helps seal your strands so they’re less prone to breakage. Win-win.

My favorite blowdryers broken down here:

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