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Let's Talk Skincare

Take a deeper look into my do's and don'ts.



Age 15-23: best skin EVER.

Age 24: worst skin EVER.

Age 25: Time for Accutane. Harsh treatment, quit in the middle.

Age 27: Skin and I are friends now.

Age 30: Skin is high-maintenance but i love to maintain it..


1. Drink a lot of water 

The moment I started drinking a good amount of water every day my skin started glowing…like really glowing.

2. Tanning beds are not your friend.

3. You can look but you can’t touch (your face). Just leave that for the experts.

4. Wipe your face often.

I use natural wipes so I don’t dry out my skin. It just keeps your face clean and balanced.

5. Wash your face for real.

Remember that washing your face is a part of taking care of your skin. My favorite is a gentle cleanser from Augustinus Bader.

6. Consistency is key.

Miracles don’t happen overnight, and neither does good skin. Stick to your skin care routine as you would your exercise and diet routine. Drink your water, get your z’s and eat your greens! Your skin will thank you for what you put in your body. It all starts from within.

7. Upkeep and uplift with treatments:

I promise not to disappoint.

Everyone must see Jill Black for micro-current facials and Ana for hydra-facials and micro-needling with Ana.

8. Last but not least- staying out of the sun!


CAUTION: the side effects of reading this post may result in supple skin, reduced wrinkles, brighter features, and a glamorous glow.

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