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If you missed it, I recently announced I’m pregnant on instagram. I just hit the 11 week mark and I wanted to talk about some things that have gotten me through this first trimester so far:

These have been a lifesaver through the first trimester so far. At first I was skeptical but then I got to a point where I was open to trying anything because I felt so shitty. These press into an acupuncture point to help relieve the feeling of nausea, and every time I put them on I felt a little better. I made sure not to wear them for too long (over 10 hours) but sometimes I kept them on for the majority of the day. Luckily I’ve gotten to a point where I only need to wear them at night.

Make sure to get the ones with B6 in them. B6 helps with nausea, and I felt better sucking on these which had a slight benefit over the others which were just straight sugar. I tried a healthier brand, but these tasted the best and I didn’t care about being that healthy when I was so sick.

Vitamin B6 + Unisom

I took these together because I had multiple friends tell me that their doctor recommended this combo. I thought the unisom was to help sleep through the nausea but learned that the drug combo helps reduce the nausea overall.

Saltines & bananas

These were the only two things that helped me not throw up. When I was over the saltines, I would eat a banana, and vice versa.

Seltzer water​

These just helped me sip on something through the long days. I opted for refreshing flavors like citrus, but found a brand that actually had ginger in it and I think that helped me feel better. A weird pregnancy thing was that I only wanted to drink seltzer water out of a straw.


The postmates app loves me right now. I am not ashamed to say that I have ordered lunch and dinner from postmates every single day for the last month and a half. At first, I felt like garbage bc I wasnt cooking and on top of that I was spending so much money on takeout BUT, this is the one time I think double ordering takeout every day is acceptable. I wanted to share this incase you’re feeling like garbage too…just do it. You’ll feel better.

Now that I’m at 11 weeks, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it seems like you’re going to feel like this for eternity and its really annoying when people say “it won’t last forever”, but as someone who’s just coming out from it….it won’t. I never thought I would feel the way I do right now but it does get better. You got this mama!!!

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  1. “Rachel, thank you very much for doing this. I’m 10 weeks along, and I’ve been experiencing practically the same situation as you. It has been really helpful for me to see that there are other people going through this because everyone in my circle, thank God, has had zero symptoms and has been feeling great and many times, I thought it was my problem.
    Thank you very much, and congratulations.”

    1. I started off by taking FullWell Prenatal, and I started taking these about 2 months before getting pregnant. The serving size is 8 capsules and I just couldn’t do it after I became pregnant so I switched to a gummy. Currently taking Smarty pants prenatal. Initially I felt childish taking gummies but it’s the only thing I can take down so gummies it is.

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