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This Week's AMA

Q: Are you drinking caffeine while pregnant?

A: I am! My doctor gave me the ok on 200mg of caffeine. I do have to admit I’ve gone over a few times with a coke or two.

Q: How do you dress for fall in warm weather? I’m in Texas and it can get so hot here!!

A: Colors and textures play a big role. I opt for fall colors (browns, olives, blacks, etc) but its summer items (shorts, tanks, tees). If you’re going somewhere indoors, denim and a tank can work with a boot + a knit cardigan throw over - that way you can always take the card off if you get too hot.

Q: Where is your couch from? I saw you posted it on your stories the other day.

Q: Where are your gold frames from?

A: Target! Shop here.

Q: I’m traveling next month and was wondering what your favorite luggage was?

You can find all my travel essentials here.

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